Hey you guys:) Once again I have been on the road!!

This time the trip went to Japan.

I had a Japan rail pass, so I went to many different places and discovered a lot of new things.

It was an amazing journey. Everything from the creepy forest Aokigahara, to the radioactive exclusion zone of Fukushima.(Where I actually lived) Just for the record: I did NOT see any dead body's hanging around in Aokigahara forest!!! But I did get a GOOD dose of radiation while I was sneaking around in the exclusion zone of Fukushima;) Even got caught by guards and police a couple of times, but it all turned out well.... *Hehehehehe* Well anyway, words can't describe everything, so take a look yourself. There are some video's on my YouTube channel, and I will post more of them in here..

In the meantime, take care my little radioactive monsters:)

aokigahara1_small.jpg aokigahara4_small.jpg aokigahara5_small.jpg aokigahara6_small.jpg
aokigahara7_small.jpg aokigahara8_small.jpg aokigahara9_small.jpg aokigahara10_small.jpg
aokigahara13_small.jpg aokigahara14_small.jpg aokigahara15_small.jpg aokigahara16_small.jpg
aokigahara17_small.jpg dsc02366_small.jpg hirono1_small.jpg hirono2_small.jpg
hirono3_small.jpg hirono4_small.jpg hirono5_small.jpg hirono6_small.jpg

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